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What is Breakthrough Decision Making?

This webinar introduces a unique approach to group decision-making. People don’t just make decisions together but engage in breakthrough decision making — a process where the interchange of ideas leads to new insights and a shared understanding about how to move forward as a group. 

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • a new fresh approach to group decision making
  • key challenges with current methods
  • best practices for making better group decisions
  • how the Breakthrough Decision Making book will benefit you and your organization


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Key challenges with current methods
  • Best practices for making better group decisions
  • Introduction to the content of the book

Better decisions = Better results = Better business!



Pepe Nummi

Pepe Nummi from Finland is a facilitation trailblazer and is one of the founders of the company Grape People, which focuses on facilitation training and services for businesses around the world and served as the inaugural chairman of the Finnish Association of Facilitators. On top of all of this, Pepe is the developer of the ‘idealogue’ method, and is the author of The Handbook on Facilitation, The Handbook of Virtual Facilitation, Beyond Brainstorming - Idealogue, The Handbook of Facilitative Leadership and Breakthrough Decision Making (June 2021).  Over the course of his long career, he has provided facilitation services in over 20 countries, and has also trained over 15,000 facilitators.

“I wrote my first book on facilitation in 2005. It was a popular handbook that got published in Finnish, Chinese, and Russian. Fifteen years later, I was no longer happy with the book. Nor was I happy with how people were using group tools. I decided to write a new book with principles on how to make better group decisions. I wanted this book to be practical and filled with full explanation on how to apply all major tools, workshop design principles, key competencies and a unique view or theory on group decision making.” - Pepe Nummi, Facilitator, Author.

Grape People:

Grape People is a Finnish company established in 2003 by a team of facilitation pioneers. We develop organizations through facilitation and workshops that promote communication and participation. We are experts in group processes, tools and frameworks that create and sustain global learning organizations.