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 Our unique approach built around deep dialogue creates alignment across your organization and energizes people around shared goals.

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Breakthrough Decision Making-Group Skills Training

Breakthrough decision making is a dialectic process of group tools that help people understand each other and work together to align themselves around shared ideas and goals. This program will teach you the group tools you need for breakthrough decision making.

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Engaging Online Collaboration-Meeting Skills Training

The “new normal” and changing business landscape make virtual meetings more common and more important than ever.  This course will teach you how to use facilitation tools to make your virtual meetings more effective, and it also will reveal tips and best practices for outstanding virtual leadership.

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In offices around the world, people are not connecting. Ideas are lost or left unsaid, and strategies are not understood.  Avoid these common problems with our self-study course.  Our tool demonstrations and video lessons cover everything from the fundamentals of facilitation to planning your meetings to achieve better results.

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Our Books

The Grape People library of books gives you the chance to learn more about facilitation methods and group leadership.

Handbook of Professional Facilitation

In the Handbook of Professional Facilitation: Theory, Tools, and Design, Pepe Nummi—a facilitator with decades of experience working with groups - introduces a unique approach to group decision making based on structured dialogue.

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Beyond Brainstorming-Idealogue

The idealogue method is an improved alternative to traditional brainstorming methods and doesn’t just allow for ideas to be created and shared, but also helps facilitate the understanding of ideas, creating group consensus.

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