What is Grape People?


Our Story

Grape People was formed in 2003 out of a desire to make organisations more inclusive.As organisations and working environments became more complex, it was no longer enough to have strong and knowledgeable leaders –the traditional type.

A new kind of leadership was needed to solve hard problems: facilitative leadership. So we set out on our mission to spread facilitation awareness so that leaders might be better equipped to lead the organisations of tomorrow.

We help organisations create and implement change through facilitation and facilitation training. Whether the task is to create a shared vision; to implement a strategy within the organisation; to understand and act on an important change; or to improve team efficiency, we are here to help.

Our trainings are the product of countless hours facilitating workshops and training facilitators. Between our facilitators and trainers we have facilitated countless workshops and trained more than 50,000 facilitators worldwide.


Breakthrough Decision Making

Finding common ground and reaching an agreement is difficult when people don’t see eye to eye. Breakthrough decision making is a dialectic process of group tools that help people understand each other and work together to align themselves around shared ideas and goals. This program will teach you the group tools you need for breakthrough decision making.

Tools and methods

To use group tools effectively, you need to plan a meeting to account for the entire decision-making process. We don’t just teach individual tools. We teach the theory and methodology behind each tool and show where it sits within the broader decision-making process. Using group tools based on dialogue helps people collaborate to create breakthrough ideas and reach an agreement about the best ideas.

Learning style

We believe that today is the age of e-learning…but not completely. Our training programs begin online, but nothing can replace the insights gleaned from face-to-face observation and feedback. That’s why we end our Breakthrough Decision Making certification programmes with a live event where you demonstrate your skills by hosting a practice workshop. Those who are up for the challenge will become Certified Facilitators (program evaluated by Finnish Education Evaluation Centre). Our online training events are a bit different, too. They are active and participatory. You will be testing out the group level tools yourself, not just listening to someone else explain how they work. We believe that hands-on experience is better than passive listening and note-taking any day.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. We believe in the power of each individual.
  2. We believe that dialogue connects individuals and creates alignment.
  3. We believe that aligned organizations are more successful.

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