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Introduction to Facilitation

Introduction to Facilitation

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is often discussed, but what exactly does this term mean? What are facilitation skills, and why are they important? Jump into the free mini-course below to get some clarity on facilitation and how it can impact your work.

Join team leader Anna as she uses facilitation to make working life easier. You will learn how facilitation works and see concrete examples of how you can start using facilitation right away. At the end of the course, you can test how well you mastered the basic principles of facilitation to get feedback on what you learned. This course is for everyone; no previous facilitation experience or knowledge is required.

This mini-course is about 10 minutes long.

Course credits

This mini-course is designed by social psychologist and professional facilitator Kari Kukkola, and Jonas Rajanto, a facilitator and coach himself, is the voice actor.


Click the "Play" button to start. You can advance to the next section of the course using the arrow icon on the lower-right of the screen. You can open the course content using the menu icon located on the top-left corner next to the title, "Grape People - Facilitation." To view the video in full screen, click here to open the course in a new window.

Course content: Facilitating change

How do we transition from resisting change to agreeing with others on what should happen next?

Anna and her team are facing big changes that will affect how they operate. See how Anna uses facilitation to get the whole team to commit to the upcoming changes and find the best ways to move forward together. Anna uses force field analysis as a facilitation method.

The workshop is structured around the three core issues of facilitation:

  1. Objective: A clear objective that is communicated to participants
  2. Process: Clarification – Solutions – Actions
  3. Methods: Appropriate group tools and methods for each stage of the change process

What does facilitation mean?

All around the world people struggle to connect. Great ideas are discarded or left unsaid, and strategies are not understood. A lot of the time people can’t connect because workshops or meetings are improperly structured, with too many things happening at once. Every meeting is driven by two important things: the content and the process. The process of facilitation consists of two key elements: stages and tools. A facilitator structures a meeting into different stages and uses group tools to make content easy to understand and to keep everyone on the same page.

Who is a facilitator?

A facilitator is a neutral party that coordinates group meetings. Facilitators are neutral in the sense that they do not contribute to the content of the meeting in any way. They do not have a stake in the outcome, either. They only focus on the process of the meeting. Therefore, the group provides the content of the meeting while the facilitator handles the process. By focusing on the process, the facilitator can help the group connect with one another to achieve better results.

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Our Facilitator Certification Program teaches you how to design and lead effective workshops and meetings. Additionally, it will give you the facilitation skills you can use to create alignment and a shared understanding of content within a group.

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Our video course is where we share the most effective group tools and habits for facilitators.

Each lesson is about 2-10 minutes long and has a clear explanation of a specific method or tool. The video course is a great way to learn the basics of facilitation! You will also get to engage with our professional facilitators who will be happy to help you along the way.

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Over the years we have produced dozens of hours of free material for self-study. Listen to popular webinar recordings, download practical guides, check out a sample chapter of a facilitation handbook, or read more on our blog.

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