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Not another boring online meeting!

Unfortunately, most virtual meetings are monotonous, passive, and uninspiring.

We’d like our virtual gatherings to be stimulating, inclusive, and productive but lack the skills to make it happen.

Many things get in the way: the meeting technology doesn’t cooperate, people don’t have their video cameras on, you can’t connect with the participants because there is not enough shared context.

Sound familiar?

This is why online meetings don't work


The meeting purpose is unclear

Why am I invited to this? What is the point of this meeting? What am I supposed to do?

Insufficient advance communication

What is going to happen in this meeting? How should I prepare? What is expected of me?

No exit criteria

We start our session without thinking about the goal first. What needs to happen before we can end the meeting?

Technology gets in the way

How do I use the meeting tools confidently? How can I engage the participants? How do we document our discussion?

What is Engaging Online Collaboration all about?

Engaging Online Collaboration is a facilitation training course covering the best virtual meeting practices and teaches simple group tools that make virtual meetings more interesting.

The training consists of three coaching sessions that provide meeting structures that increase engagement in remote meetings and achieve concrete results. 


  1. Improve virtual communication with your co-workers and customers
  2. Understand opportunities of different types of settings: presentations, client meetings, internal workshops, product launches, project meetings
  3. Get the skills to facilitate virtual meetings to make meetings more goal-oriented

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We’re hosting a free webinar on September 29, 2021. In this webinar, we are tackling some of the challenges of hybrid meetings and sharing tools for creating energizing, inspiring, and productive meetings for both online and present attendees.

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This is for you if you are:

  • you want to increase your confidence with the meeting technology
  • you would like to bring more energy into your online meetings
  • you want to turn awkward silences into moments of reflection
  • you want to transform your online meetings from multitasking to focused conversation

You’ll walk away with:

  • Tools for activating participants
  • Competences for the collaborative workplace
  • Insight into your role as a group leader
  • The ability to design structured meetings related to presentations, client collaboration, internal decision making, product launches, projects, strategy and change.

Engaging Online Collaboration 
Training program structure

Session 1: “Interactive Presentation”, 3,5 hours

How could virtual presentations be more interactive and goal-oriented? This first session demonstrates how the combination of collaborative software programs and facilitation tools can make your virtual meetings more fun and productive. This is a hands-on session where you will be a participant in a facilitated virtual session to see first-hand how you can engage your audience as a virtual presenter and create an interactive meeting environment.

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Session 2: “Virtual workshop”, 3,5 hours

This training covers information sharing, decision-making, and creating and refining action plans. The challenges with status update workshops are keeping them efficient and making sure people are engaged and focused. In this training, you will learn how bigger groups can be divided into smaller parallel teams where everyone is actively involved and focused. This session shows how a transparent decision-making process creates commitment within the group.

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Session 3: “Status meetings”, 3,5 hours

The best virtual teams follow up on the progress of their work and agree on concrete actions to take to reach their goals. These meetings are called status meetings, which this session covers. In this session, participants learn to follow up their meetings, evaluate the progress of their work, and make action plans. Unlike other sessions, this one is planned and facilitated by the participants to practice the skills and concepts that they learned.

Coming Soon

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