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We have been training facilitators for over 20 years and have developed the best facilitation training and certification program for corporate clients around the world. Our program gives participants practical tools and methods to get results and take action. Every year millions of people use Grape People’s way of working to help everyone’s voice be heard, to empower teams to make better decisions, and to improve how organizations function.

We license our training products, and we are looking for new partners. Ideal partners are small companies or individuals with existing client networks who are passionate about collaboration.

Today we have partners in Belgium, Holland, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, and Japan.'


Introducing Ben Gao: A Journey in Facilitation and Partnership


Ben Gao

We had the pleasure of speaking with our partner, Ben Gao, who is based in China. He shared his experience partnering with Grape People and the insights he has gained through facilitation.

Hi’! I’m Ben and I identify myself as an educator. I run a training company primarily focused on facilitation. We offer public and corporate training, in-house facilitation training, and consulting services to help resolve problems within corporations. Our goal is to help individuals and organizations develop facilitation skills and effective mental attitudes. Personally, I’m also committed to my own growth. In our company, we have around six professional facilitators who work as partners across various cities in China, including Qingdao, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, which serves as our main hub.

I became a partner with Grape People through my association with Pepe. When I first met Pepe, he introduced me to the concept of facilitation and how it can effectively address different problems. Witnessing the power of facilitation and being impressed by Pepe's personality and skills, I became interested in the field. I started educating myself by reading books on facilitation and I formed a reading club. Over time, our book club evolved into a facilitation club where we practiced different group tools and techniques. All of this eventually led me to establish a facilitation company.

My mindset has gown significantly through my involvement in facilitation. It has allowed me to change my perspective on people, the future, and business itself. That transformation has been the most meaningful benefit for me. Facilitation has truly helped me on a personal level.

My advice to other partners would be to simply take action. Practice and share your knowledge. When you demonstrate your skills, people begin to take notice and become more interested in facilitation. It's not about focusing on monetary gains; it's about sharing the knowledge of facilitation.

Our mission is to facilitate success. Why not do it together? If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact our fanatic facilitator [email protected].


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