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Why don’t current group methods work?

There are many ineffective practices in group decision making.

  • We fail to communicate the thinking behind our ideas. Many classic methods, like brainstorming, prohibit criticism and only give a short amount of time to present ideas before moving on to a new topic. It is important to understand the logic behind an idea before you make a decision.
  • We tend to combine similar ideas together (grouping). Grouping similar things together is a natural process that happens as our minds try to make sense of the constant inflow of information.  Sometimes we need to fight against our tendency to group ideas. Grouping obscures the root cause of a problem and oversimplifies things.
  • After coming up with ideas, we quickly prioritize them and rush to a conclusion about what to do next.  Hasty decisions lead to a lack of commitment within the group.

What is Breakthrough Decision Making?

Breakthrough decision making is a structured participatory dialogue process focused on creating understanding and helping groups make informed decisions together.

It is based around two key concepts: Deep dialogue and the CSA model for workshop design.

Deep Dialogue

We believe that there are two distinct phases of thinking that alternate in every effective group decision-making process.  Group tools that promote deep dialogue should be used in both phases of thinking to guarantee that people develop the best ideas they can and reach an agreement.

CSA Workshop Model

We use a simple three-stage workshop structure for workshop planning called CSA (Clarifying, Solutions and Action).  CSA is applicable for all workshops related to organizational development.

Read the chapter and learn the history of group decision making and the roots of our decision making challenges.

Don't Leave Empty Handed!

This is for you if you are:

  • In a leadership or managerial position and looking for tools to engage your employees
  • Interested in making a positive difference and building a collaborative culture
  • Looking to learn techniques that build clarity and commitment on decisions for a high-stakes meeting
  • Looking to learn tools that clarify decisions and get people committed to them
  • Need to lead groups to successful outcomes in workshops related to strategy, change, innovation, team development, projects, and problem-solving

This training course is a must for anyone who is enthusiast about helping groups achieve breakthrough decisions.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The knowledge and tools you need to improve your group decision-making skills. Most people working with groups know a few group tools but rarely can use them to plan and execute a workshop that creates understanding, commitment and concrete action.
  • Core competencies for the collaborative workplace
  • Insights into your role as a group leader
  • The ability to design high impact workshops related to organizational development

Breakthrough Decision Making Training program structure

Part 1:
Intro to Breakthrough Decision Making

Learning key elements of breakthrough decision making.

3.5 hours, online course.

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Part 2: 
Breakthrough Decision Making

Learning to facilitate each stage of a workshop, key competencies and workshop design.

Four (4) three and a half hours online sessions.

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Part 3: 
Certification Event

Put your skills to the test and receive feedback from trainers and peers.

Four (4) online sessions.

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Part 4:
Deep Dive in the Art of Leading Groups

Learn how to expertly work past common challenges that group leaders face.

2 days, face-to-face course in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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