Engaging Online Collaboration

Interactive Presentation, 3.5 hours training

The training will cover best virtual meeting practices and teach simple use of facilitation tools to make meetings more effective. In today’s global business world, virtual meetings are essential. They reduce travel costs, are environmentally friendly, and enable international teams to stay connected on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most virtual meetings taking place are boring, ineffective and do not take advantage of the full possibilities of the virtual world.

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What will you learn?

How could virtual presentations be more interactive and goal-oriented? This first session demonstrates how the combination of collaborative software programs and facilitation tools can make your virtual meetings more fun and productive. This is a hands-on session where you will be a participant in a facilitated virtual session to see first-hand how you can engage your audience as a virtual presenter and create an interactive meeting environment.


Improve virtual communication with your co-workers and customers.


Understand opportunities of different types of settings: presentations, client meetings, internal workshops, product launches, project meetings.


Get the skills to facilitate virtual meetings to make meetings more goal-oriented.

Who's this training ment for?

For a beginner facilitators, the program introduces facilitation and the tools needed to get started. For advanced facilitators, the training is an eye-opener that presents a different, new and effective way for creating online meetings and designing workshops. 

Engaging Online Collaboration Training Event









Price includes

The training program will be organized using the Zoom meeting platform.

One 3.5 hours training sessions

An interactive session where we learn by doing.

Training materials, including group work template

Template you can use and adapt to your own work.

Video recording of the training

You can watch the event afterward.

Teck practice session

If you're new to zoom, we'll make sure that everything works smoothly.

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Trainer and Facilitator

Jonas came to Grape People from the IT Service industry, where he developed tools and processes for more effective collaboration. At Grape People Jonas shifted his focus to interaction between people in virtual settings and ways of working that enable teams to take their collaboration to the next level. As a facilitator Jonas is specialised in remote working and online collaboration. He trains team leaders, project managers, trainers, educators, sales people and others for whom virtual meetings are an integral part of their work. Jonas’s mission is to make working remotely feel just like working in the same room.