What is Breakthrough
Decision Making?

This webinar introduces a unique approach to group decision-making. People don’t just make decisions together but engage in breakthrough decision making — a process where the interchange of ideas leads to new insights and a shared understanding about how to move forward as a group.


Introduction to Breakthrough Decision Making 

Our interactive training introduces a new conversational and practical approach to group decision making. We do not teach tools, but the key elements behind the tools and how to create your own impactful system for working with groups. The training is a must for everyone working with groups - leaders, team coaches, organizational developers, facilitators, designers, project managers…


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What will you learn?

The first module of the Grape facilitation training is a must for every professional who works with groups. In this training, you learn:  


How to manage group dynamics


How to ask the right questions to take the group deeper


Key principles of effective group decision making


The best facilitation practices that lead to success

Who's this training ment for?

For beginning facilitators, the program introduces facilitation and the tools needed to get started. For advanced facilitators, the training is an eye-opener that presents a different, new and effective way for creating tools and designing workshops. 

Introduction to Breakthrough Decision Making Training


The Principles of Breakthrough Decision Making


Trying different methods for getting the group ready and focused.

Key concepts

Current problems with group decision making. Creating a common vision.


Questions for clarifying the goal or the problem.

Group dynamics

How to manage group dynamics and how to align thinking. Key elements of a group process and their function.

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Trainer and Facilitator

Pepe Nummi is the founder of Grape People, a Finnish training company specializing in facilitation. Pepe has worked as a facilitator since 1998 and served as the inaugural chairman of the Finnish Association of Facilitators. Pepe is the developer of the Idealogue method and is the author of The Handbook on Facilitation, The Handbook of Virtual Facilitation, and Beyond Brainstorming Idealogue. Over the course of his long career, he has trained over 15,000 people in more than 20 different countries.