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What is Breakthrough Decision Making?

You know some group tools but not how to combine the tools and to get the best results and ideal workshop flow? Breakthrough Decision Making is the most concrete group skills training in the world. In this training you learn the best tools of the trade with the leading trainers and modern methods. In addition to mastering the use of tools and methods, you gain knowledge on how to design workshops related to organizational development.

Grape People is the Ikea of Facilitation. Not because they are cheap – but because they have been able to extract the essence of the art of working with groups and they know how to deliver that knowledge to the world.

Max Watanabase, CEO, Successpoint Japan.

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You’ll walk away with:

  • Knowledge of best group tools and when to use them
  • Skills to plan and execute a workshop that creates understanding, commitment and concrete action
  • Core competencies for the collaborative workplace
  • Insights into your role as a group leader
  • The ability to design high impact workshops related to organizational development

This is for you if you are:

  • In a leadership or managerial position and looking for tools to engage your employees
  • Interested in making a positive difference and building a collaborative culture
  • Looking to learn techniques that build clarity and commitment on decisions for a high-stakes meeting
  • Looking to learn tools that clarify decisions and get people committed to them
  • Need to lead groups to successful outcomes in workshops related to strategy, change, innovation, team development, projects, and problem-solving

This training course is a must for anyone who wants to engage individuals and help groups make better decisions.

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Learn the history of group decision making and the roots of our decision making challenges.

Breakthrough Decision Making 

Training Program Structure

Part 1: Decision Making

In the part one of Breakthrough Decision Making training you learn how to facilitate each stage of a workshop, key competencies and workshop design.

Interactive online course with a trainer.

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Part 2: Facilitation tools

In our online course you'll learn Learn key facilitation. Study at your own phase.

Join the Breakthrough Decision Making Training Part 1 and you'll get access to our online course videos and materials for free!

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Part 3: Certification Event

Put your skills to the test and receive feedback from trainers and peers.

Four (4) online sessions.

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Part 4: Deep Dive

Deep Dive in the Art of Leading Groups and learn how to expertly work past common challenges that group leaders face.

2 days, face-to-face course in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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