Engaging Online Collaboration – Webinar

How do we make virtual meetings sustainable?

Are you familiar with ‘zoom fatigue’ or ‘virtual fatigue’? Online meetings can be draining, especially now that our weeks are full of meetings, sometimes with no breaks in between. There was a dramatic change in our meeting culture when we were suddenly thrust from the physical world to the virtual. This unplanned transition came with real challenges.

In this free webinar we are tackling some of those challenges and giving you tools to create energizing, inspiring, productive online gatherings!

Topics we cover:

  • What is sustainable meeting culture in a hybrid world?
  • How to avoid ‘zoom fatigue’?
  • How to have a ‘sustainable’ virtual meeting?

We talk about methods for:

  • focusing and energising
  • ideation and problem solving
  • decision making
  • creating a psychologically safe environment

Online meetings don’t have to be draining. Instead, we can connect online just as we can connect face to face. The most important thing is the courage to do things a little differently. We want to help you over that threshold so that you can put boring meetings behind you.

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