Brainstorming is dead! Long live the Ideologue method!


Pepe Nummi helped change the format of meetings and business leadership in Finland by becoming the country’s first certified professional facilitator. By teaching facilitative principles, Pepe and his colleagues at Grape People have helped bring understanding and agreement to difficult situations.

Much like his work in facilitation has revolutionized business meetings, Pepe now looks to do the same for the creative process with his upcoming book Brainstorming is dead: The Idealogue Method.

Idealogue is a group level tool which helps people not only to create their own ideas, but understand the ideas of others. And with Idealogue, a creativity session ends with the whole group reaching an agreement about what the best ideas are. Traditional creative methods like brainstorming are able to get people to create ideas, but not much else. With Idealogue, people don’t just create ideas, but they also understand, agree with, and remember the new ideas and content created during the session.

The name Idealogue is formed by combining the words ‘’idea’’ with ‘’dialogue’’, and the heart of the method is to create meaning through ideas. Idealogue is adaptable and versatile, and it can be used in many different situations. Besides helping people create and understand new ideas, Idealogue can be used to introduce a new strategy, action plan, or company policy, and it helps groups generate the best course of action together as a group. Idealogue is also useful in helping groups understand and accept decisions that were made by others like a boss or upper management.

Pepe was ahead of the curve in seeing the value and impact of facilitative tools, and he now has the same faith regarding the importance and impact of the Idealogue method. To read more about Idealogue, visit the website . There you can learn more about how the method works, reserve a spot in an Idealogue training seminar, and also read a sample chapter from Pepe Nummi’s upcoming book, Brainstorming is dead: The Idealogue method, due out in the summer of 2016.

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