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Ideas are powerful. A new idea can start a movement or be the beginning of a big change. But an idea alone is worthless; for an idea to cause meaningful change or actions, it needs to be understood and appreciated by others. The tools and techniques that are most commonly used in meetings and workshops can help a person or a group come up with a lot of ideas in a short amount of time, but these tools do not help the ideas last or become meaningful. They fail at getting people to understand and select the best ideas of the bunch. This is a major problem.

Now there is a solution; the upcoming book Beyond Brainstorming – Idealogue by Pepe Nummi. The book is a user’s guide for how to use the Idealogue method, and it shows not only how to use the method effectively, but how to combine Idealogue with other group level tools to create the perfect meeting or workshop. Pepe and his colleagues have been using the Idealogue method for years and the knowledge they gained in how to use the method is passed on in this book.

Each chapter of the book shows an example of how Idealogue is used to achieve a specific goal. Idealogue will be shown at work in different meeting types to achieve a variety of objectives; problem solving, visioning, creativity, change deployment and action planning. Chapters open with practical stories on how to use the tool in the real world and the stories explain how Idealogue works in these different situations. The final chapter of the book shows how Idealogue can be combined with other tools to form longer workshops.

If you want people to understand new strategies, solve problems more effectively, or create ideas that lead to lasting change, then this book is for you. Beyond Brainstorming – Idealogue will be released in the summer of 2016, but to find out more information immediately, visit the website where you can read more about how the method works, read a sample chapter from the book, or contact Grape People to find out about training seminars that teach Idealogue.

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