The Two Secrets to Leading High-Performing Teams


High performing teams; a holy grail of sorts for companies around the world.  They are often talked about and much time has been spent outlining how to create them, and how to manage them if one is so lucky to have such a team within their organization.  I say it is quite simple really. There are just two secrets when it comes to developing high team performance, and… (insert long dramatic pause here), I have decided to reveal these secrets.

When you get down to the heart of it, team performance is about focus.  When I work with organizations and ask people to outline their goals, I get a different answer from everyone. Obviously, the goals of different team members are bound to vary a little.  But at the same time, people are losing lots of energy without clear direction and unified goals. Developing, implementing, and reviewing goals as a team, instead of individually, will significantly increase the performance level of every team.  Sounds too good to be true?  I challenge you to try it and see for yourself. It is important that you do give it a try, as your first function as a leader is to give your team a clear direction and then help them to maintain that direction.

The second secret is to implement the goals of each team member in one session where the entire team is present. This can be done in a meeting, workshop, or even virtually. High team performance is all about team alignment. What brings a performance increase is the ability of team members to deal with performance barriers together; to align their activities and to cooperate and collaborate. So, just two secrets that can be combined into a single sentence; focus your team, and do it with the entire team together. Simple and effective.


So, my two secrets to high team performance are out.  Now what?

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About Pepe Nummi:

Pepe, one of the founders of Grape People, has worked as a facilitator since 1998 and served as the inaugural chairman of the Finnish Association of Facilitators.  Pepe is also the developer of the Idealogue method, and is the author of The Handbook on FacilitationThe Handbook of Virtual Facilitation, and Beyond Brainstorming – Idealogue.  Over the course of his long career, he has provided facilitation services in over 20 countries, and has trained over 10,000 facilitators.

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