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Handbook of Professional Facilitation

Clarifying Current Challenges with Force Field Analysis

What’s in this chapter:

  • Case study: The clarifying part of a review workshop with UTS that took place a month after the goal-setting workshop
  • Tools: Force Field Analysis, Silent Moving, urgency-importance matrix, Dot Voting

How this helps you:

Force Field Analysis is the tool we use for in-depth review. It identifies the key underlying factors behind any strategy, process, service, or project, and it also can be used to assess team health.

Clarifying Current Challenges
with Force Field Analysis

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Handbook of Professional Facilitation

In the Handbook of Professional Facilitation: Theory, Tools, and Design, Pepe Nummi—a facilitator with decades of experience working with groups - introduces a unique approach to group decision-making based on structured dialogue. People tend to shoot down new ideas, especially if the idea is not their own. Pepe Nummi is a seasoned facilitator who has dedicated his life to studying human interaction. He has solved the decision-making problem by creating a technique where people need to understand other perspectives and points of view while sharing their own. As a result, people make decisions together and engage in breakthrough decision-making. In this process, the interchange of ideas leads to new insights and a shared understanding about how to move forward as a group.

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Pepe Nummi

Pepe is a trailblazer of facilitation in Finland. He is the first certified professional facilitator in the country, one of the founders of Grape People – Finland’s first company focusing on facilitation – the inaugural chairman of the Finnish Association of Facilitators, developer of the Idealogue method, and author of the first Finnish books on facilitation and virtual facilitation.

In the course of his long international career, this seasoned professional has provided facilitation in over 20 countries and trained over 10,000 facilitators. Pepe holds a BBA and an MA, and is a Certified Professional Facilitator.


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