How to avoid hybrid meeting frustration?

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Our meeting culture dramatically changed when we were suddenly thrust from the physical world to the virtual. Now that the world is slowly opening again and some of us have returned to the office, companies face a new challenge – hybrid meetings. A hybrid meeting is when you have attendees both online and present. At first, this might seem straightforward – but hybrid meetings introduce challenges that neither co-located nor purely virtual meetings had.

One of the biggest challenges is: how do we ensure that the remote attendees are not forgotten? Those who are co-located may easily dominate the discussion while unintentionally ignoring the remote participants. With both co-located and remote attendees, you must design your meeting for both modes of communication.

In this FREE webinar, we are tackling some of the challenges of hybrid meetings and sharing tools for creating energizing, inspiring, and productive meetings for both parties. 

Topics we'll cover:

  • What is a hybrid meeting?

  • What are the typical challenges introduced by hybrid meetings?

  • How might we avoid frustration in hybrid meetings?

We talk about methods for:

  • focusing and energizing

  • ideation and problem solving

  • decision making

  • creating a psychologically safe environment

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Jonas Rajanto

As a facilitator Jonas is specialised in remote working and online collaboration. He trains team leaders, project managers, trainers, educators, sales people and others for whom virtual meetings are an integral part of their work.

Jonas’s mission is to make working remotely feel just like working in the same room.

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