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Practical tips and tools
for engaging meetings

Facilitation is a broad term, and it can be challenging to identify how to start using facilitation in your work. Now you can sign up to receive our free guidebook When to Apply Facilitation.

This guide covers both broad facilitation concepts and facilitation group tools. It will show how you can apply them throughout the entire process of planning and leading a meeting. You will learn about concepts like emergent and divergent thinking and become familiar with facilitation tools like Group Memory and various warm-up activities.

Guidebook: Practical tips and tools
for engaging meetings

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Our video course is where we share the most effective group tools and habits for facilitators.

Each lesson is about 2-10 minutes long and has a clear explanation of a specific method or tool. This facilitation training gives you a simple and effective framework for designing workshops and the best tools for each stage to guarantee your workshop success. This course is a great way to learn how to succeed in facilitation. Welcome aboard!

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Facilitator, Trainer and Author

Pepe Nummi

Pepe is a trailblazer of facilitation in Finland. He is the first certified professional facilitator in the country, one of the founders of Grape People – Finland’s first company focusing on facilitation – the inaugural chairman of the Finnish Association of Facilitators, developer of the Idealogue method, and author of the first Finnish books on facilitation and virtual facilitation.

In the course of his long international career, this seasoned professional has provided facilitation in over 20 countries and trained over 10,000 facilitators. Pepe holds a BBA and an MA, and is a Certified Professional Facilitator.


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