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What is Breakthrough
Decision Making?

Breakthrough Decision Making is a structured participatory dialogue process that helps people align their ideas and to make better choices together.

Breakthrough Decision Making

3 x 4 hours interactive training sessions


Coming to an agreement can be painful. Breakthrough Decision Making is a structured participatory dialogue process that helps people align their ideas and make better choices. This training gives you a simple and effective framework for structuring workshops and the best way of working for each stage to guarantee your workshop success. The training is a must for everyone working with groups - leaders, team coaches, organizational developers, facilitators, designers etc.

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What is Breakthrough Decision Making?

Breakthrough decision making is a structured participatory dialogue process focused on creating understanding and helping groups make informed decisions together.

It is based around two key concepts: Deep dialogue and the CSA model for workshop design.


Deep Dialogue

We believe that there are two distinct phases of thinking that alternate in every effective group decision-making process. Group tools that promote deep dialogue should be used in both phases of thinking to guarantee that people develop the best ideas they can and reach an agreement.

CSA Workshop Model

We use a simple three-stage workshop structure for workshop planning called CSA (Clarifying, Solutions and Action). CSA is applicable for all workshops related to organizational development.

In this training, you will learn

How to focus and
connect the group

How to ask the right questions to take the group forward

The stages of
a workshop

Insights into your role
as a group leader

How to manage
group dynamics

Key facilitation competencies that lead to success

How to facilitate workshops related to organisational development

The ability to design high impact workshops

Knowledge of best group tools and when to use them

Skills to plan and execute a workshop that creates understanding, commitment and concrete action

Core competencies for the collaborative workplace

Who's this training meant for?

You know some group tools but not how to combine the tools and to get the best results and ideal workshop flow? Breakthrough Decision Making is the most concrete group skills training in the world. In this training you learn the best tools of the trade with the leading trainers and modern methods. In addition to mastering the use of tools and methods, you gain knowledge on how to design workshops related to organisational development.

For beginning facilitators, the program gives confidence and a true understanding of fundamental principles of group decision making.  For advanced facilitators, the training is an eye-opener that introduces a different, fresh and effective way for managing group dynamics and designing workshops. 

This is for you if you are:

  • In a leadership or managerial position and looking for tools to engage your employees
  • Interested in making a positive difference and building a collaborative culture
  • Looking to learn techniques that build clarity and commitment on decisions for a high-stakes meeting
  • Looking to learn tools that clarify decisions and get people committed to them
  • Need to lead groups to successful outcomes in workshops related to strategy, change, innovation, team development, projects, and problem-solving

With this knowledge you are equipped to execute organisational development programs related to change, strategy, innovation, team and process development, conflict resolution, and client collaboration design workshops key to designing workshop structure and tools that can be applied to strategy, change, and team development.

This training course is a must for anyone who wants to engage individuals and help groups make better decisions!

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The training includes three 4 hours interactive sessions with our top facilitators and access to our online course materials. Over twenty facilitation related videos with key concepts and all major tools!


Three 4 hours interactive training sessions

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