Henna Karjalainen

Facilitator and Trainer



As a facilitator, Henna has a captivating style of diving into the dynamics of different groups and giving room for insights! Coaching leadership is a particularly fascinating topic for Henna. Henna wants to enable insights for the participants of workshops and thus contribute to creating a better working life.

"It's great to see how good guidance in group work and slowing down certain stages of a process can get people on the same page and really focus on producing and developing common solutions. That's when something magical comes into being."

Before entering the world of facilitation full-time, Henna worked for almost 10 years in the financial sector in managerial and expert positions, gaining experience in the development and ideation culture of a large organization and in implementing a wide range of changes. Henna has also expanded her expertise by working abroad. Henna has a solid 20 years of experience performing as both a theatre actress and a soloist in a band, which affirms her to be a charismatic and engaging performer.

Henna facilitates and coaches facilitation skills for groups face-to-face and online, smoothly utilising the remote working platforms that best serve the customer group.



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