What is virtual facilitation about?

It's easy to assume that the same techniques that work for traditional face-to-face meetings will also work for remote meetings. However, although virtual meetings share plenty of common with traditional meetings, they pose unique challenges that can be identified and solved with the help of virtual facilitation. This course will give you tips, practical examples, and practice exercises that will teach you how to lead successful and engaging virtual meetings.


From tiring remote gatherings to successful virtual meetings

In today’s global business world, virtual meetings are essential. They reduce travel costs, are environmentally friendly, and enable international teams to stay connected on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most virtual meetings taking place are boring, ineffective and do not take advantage of the full possibilities of the virtual world.

Our online course will give you tips, practical examples, and practice exercises for you to lead better virtual meetings.


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This is why online meetings don't work

Participants are multitasking 

Participants come and go. Someone might be talking on the phone, another answering emails.

The meeting purpose is unclear

Why am I invited to this? What is the point of this meeting? What am I supposed to do?

Insufficient advance communication

What is going to happen in this meeting? How should I prepare? What is expected of me?

No exit criteria

We start our session without thinking about the goal first. What needs to happen before we can end the meeting?

Technology gets in the way

How do I use the meeting tools confidently? How can I engage the participants? How do we document our discussion?

The meeting is boring

Unfortunately, most virtual meetings are monotonous, passive, and uninspiring.

Why you should take this course?

This online course gives you the confidence to organize better and more interactive online meetings. It gives you useful tips and practical examples on how to activate participants online. You get everyone to be present, reflect and discuss, and to be more committed to a common goal.

If more remote meetings were effective, we would not need them as often, and you would have more time to focus on other tasks rather than running from one meetings to another.

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What you’ll walk away with:

Better meetings

You will learn how to design better and more structured online meetings.

7 best practices

You will learn the seven best practices of online meetings.

More confidence

You will gain more confidence to lead virtual meetings.

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Remote Facilitation

34 €

Online course

  • 10 videos of virtual facilitation (total duration about 1h 30 min.)
  • 6 months (180 days) rights to access videos and other course materials
  • Several useful tools and methods for planning better remote meetings
  • Chance to network and communicate with other participants

Remote meetings are here to stay, so why not upgrade your skills

Virtual meetings and workshops don't have to be less impactful and meaningful than their face-to-face counterparts. Virtual facilitation helps meetings run smoothly and allows anyone to participate despite their location. At its best, it can inspire discussion, utilize digital activation methods, and help stick to the schedule.

Trainer and Facilitator

This course was designed by Jonas Rajanto.

Jonas came to Grape People from the IT Service industry, where he developed tools and processes for more effective collaboration. At Grape People Jonas shifted his focus to interaction between people in virtual settings and ways of working that enable teams to take their collaboration to the next level. As a facilitator Jonas is specialised in remote working and online collaboration. He trains team leaders, project managers, trainers, educators, sales people and others for whom virtual meetings are an integral part of their work. Jonas’s mission is to make working remotely feel just like working in the same room.

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